About Us

Your Cloud News is the official blog of Cloud Capital Group, dedicated to providing the most up-to-date news on the cloud industry and hosting solutions. At the same time we intend to keep our customers and followers informed to help their business’s get the most out of technology.

So what is Cloud Capital Group (CCG)?

Who We Are.

Cloud Capital Group (CCG) is a global business technology company providing white-label cloud services for resale, support, maintenance, infrastructure build consulting, training and marketing for global telecommunications carriers, technology resellers, and managed service providers.

What We Do.

CCG bridges the gap for these organizations by providing turnkey solutions via an automated provisioning system to allow quick access to a myriad of applications and solutions running on our own infrastructure.

What We Offer.

Cloud Capital Group’s partnership program gives you the ability to white-label and resell premium hosted solutions to your customers. You can go-to-market today under our two different partner programs: Silver and Blue. These partner programs are tailored to fit different needs and guide you on your journey to a profitable business in the cloud.

Get in touch with us and start your journey to the cloud.

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